Why FireVu

Camera-based fire detection usually referred to as FireVU or video smoke and flame detection is now firmly established worldwide as making a major contribution towards improved fire safety. It is used extensively in areas that traditionally have been the most challenging for fire safety professionals (such as lofty voluminous areas) to provide the earliest possible detection of smoke.

FireVU ensures fast detection of smoke at its source, with the incident visible on a monitor, enabling appropriate action to be taken in the shortest possible time. The technology, which has been developed and proven over many years, utilises standard CCTV cameras (often existing CCTV security installations) and is an extremely cost-effective solution. Now, with the introduction of the latest advance in FireVU technology, installations can be remotely monitored for a potential fire to provide 24-hour-a-day fast response, as well as offering remote testing and diagnosis of the installation, and easier integration with security and facilities management systems.